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We’d like to personally thank you for your purchase of BMS today. We can’t wait to hear about your eCommerce and Shopify success stories!

We’ve given you the fundamentals you need to create a highly profitable eCommerce business in Build My Store . . .

However, we know some of you’d like a BIG edge over your competitors

(and why wouldn’t you?)

We do too!

As a valued BSM customer, we’re giving you a limited-time opportunity to upgrade your order now. We’re laying out our most profitable eCommerce strategies EXCLUSIVELY for our newest customers like you.

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In this 4 video module . . . we take everything we’ve shown you in Build My Store and launch it into the stratosphere. We’re sharing advanced (yet shockingly simple) eComm strategies which build on the foundation taught in BSM.

These 100K per month strategies are spoken of only in hush-hush masterminds by eCommerce masters. The strategies are so effective, they don’t want anyone else to know about them!

Once we show you these strategies gathered from the MOST SUCCESSFUL Shopify sellers, it’s game over for any competitor in your niche.

Get our ‘no-holds barred’ step-by-step blueprints for:

  • Building automated sales funnels
  • Scaling up your most promising campaigns
  • Outsourcing for hands-free profits
  • Crushing your ad campaigns with advanced keyword research

So let’s jump right in and tell you how this upgrade can make a HUGE difference to your eCommerce success

Module #1: “Automatic eCommerce Sales Funnels”

The first step to growing your business is getting MAXIMUM return for minimum effort…

And this exactly what you’ll discover in this module about sales funnels.

Not sure what a sales funnel is? We bet you’re familiar with them even if you don’t realize it yet.

Ever walk into a fast-food joint for a burger and hear:

“Do you want fries with that? How about a drink?”

Or have you ever purchased electronics, and were asked if you’d like the extended warranty package?

That’s ALL a funnel is . . . a series of offers which complement what you’ve already purchased.

What’s better than getting a prospect to buy a product from you? Getting a customer to buy MULTIPLE products from you . . . and one you can sell to again in the future.

Your sales funnels do this selling for you - automatically.

This video module lets you copy the EXACT system we use to create conversion crushing funnels in every niche we enter.

Here’s the highlights:

How to create a SCALABLE business model which churns out money while you’re asleep

The strategies of the top eCom ballers killing it every day revealed for the 1st time (and if you think these are ANYTHING like what the top dogs share in Facebook groups… you’re wrong

How to turn eCommerce Stores into HIGHLY Profitable income machines (forget focusing on single sales)

Why the 7-day t-shirt ad campaign COSTS you a ton of sales (there’s a better way to sell shirts which will dramatically boost your profits)

Here’s the exact email campaign you should use after EVERY physical product sale (brings back customers while they’re still in a buying mood!)

Why you should give up some profits if you want to see MORE money in your bank (sounds weird, but when you see this it’ll make perfect sense)

Paying too much for traffic? Here’s your plan for massive FREE traffic from social media

Module #2: “Autopilot eCom Profits”

Once you’ve got a healthy bottom line, you need to be working on your business - not in your business.

Running a successful business means you need to focus on strategy.

You shouldn’t be doing routine tasks yourself if a VA could easily handle them.

This video shows you how to make MORE MONEY by WORKING LESS YOURSELF. It’s all about smart outsourcing.

Replacing yourself in your business isn’t as simple as putting up an ad on Upwork or Freelancer. If you think this is all there is to outsourcing, THINK AGAIN!

Hiring from these platforms can be HUGE and COSTLY mistakes if you’ve never outsourced parts of your business before. You really do need to have a plan before you think about hiring staff . . . which is why . . .

We give you a tested-and-true system to outsource your eCom business efficiently and inexpensively…

You’ll see how having your own team helps make you THOUSANDS of extra dollars each month you couldn’t make on your own.

With a system in place, you won’t have to waste time and energy to find and train the right people for your business.

Here’s what’s inside this time & money saving module:

5 FREE resources to cut your workload in half (these will blow your mind!)

10 essential skills for any eCommerce VA (warning - not EVERY VA has these skills!)

This simple system keeps your staff organized and on task (there’s no need to complicate this)

Put training your team on autopilot - freeing you up for other important tasks in your business

The simple trick to dealing with VA mistakes (doing this wrong costs a lot of time and money . . . . doing it this way keeps everyone happy)

Module #3: “Sky High Scaling”

You’re making steady profit with funnels. You’ve taken the grunt work out of the business by outsourcing.

What’s next?

It’s time to go LARGE.

However, you’ve GOT to do it right, because . . .

Scaling too fast can kill even the most successful eCommerce or T-shirt business!

This video shows you how to scale up your business the right way (at the right speed!)

Scaling your business the right way:

Keeps you in profits (which is the whole point of being in business)

Makes sure your team has lots of work (which means they make money for you and for themselves)

And keeps the rush of sales coming in FAST!

In this module, you’ll discover:

The REAL amount to budget for campaign testing (remember all those FB “gooroos” who told you to start with a $20/day budget? That ain’t the amount they’re budgeting for their own testing)

A step-by-step system to scale your eCom products to 3,000+ units.

Danger: when bumping up the budget KILLS your ad campaign… even if you don’t touch the targeting

The “X-Number”: if your website conversion cost is higher than this figure, you need to kill your campaign IMMEDIATELY

How to keep your cost per website click ULTRA low even though you’re bringing in MORE TRAFFIC than ever…

Why you should NEVER use a “lookalike” audience UNLESS you know THIS little known FB ad secret first…

Module #4: “Keyword Research Domination”

Here’s something you’ll never hear any of the eCom ‘gurus’ say:

Here’s something you’ll never hear any of the eCom ‘gurus’ say:

To make MASSIVE profits with FB ads campaigns, you need keywords targeted to YOUR store in your ads.

The problem is where do you find these perfectly targeted keywords?

We reveal how to find tightly targeted, money-making keywords for your ads (for MASSIVE traffic and FAST CASH.)

In this module, you’ll discover:

Which keyword match types to use in your campaigns (using the wrong ones pours money down the drain)

How to target like an undercover spy (so you’re always ahead of the competition)

The simple steps which gets your eCommerce store started on the right track (for more traffic than you can imagine & reduced ad costs)

The keyword research tricks ALL the big advertisers are using (but no-one ever talks about)

3 FREE Tools to find HIGHLY targeted interests (and brings the hungriest niche buyers to your offers)

How to expand your store beyond physical products (there’s a wide world of money-making products out there - waiting for you to grab a slice of the pie!)

After watching this video you’ll understand why advertisers want to keep this info top secret!

Build My Store ADVANCED

EVERYTHING You Need To Go From ‘Good To Great’ at eComm - FAST

Build My Store gives you the solid foundation for your eComm business. You have everything you need to quickly create a profitable eCommerce store

However, we want to give you every opportunity to accelerate your success and get maximum eComm profits in 2017.

BMS Advanced Strategies builds on the foundation of Build My Store to make YOU an unstoppable eCommerce force.

You’ll go from being a GOOD eComm seller to a GREAT one faster than you can imagine right now. At it takes is for you to watch over our shoulders and put these 4 pieces of the eCommerce puzzle in place.

  • Building funnels
  • Outsourcing
  • Scaling
  • Keyword research for eComm . . .

These are the strategies which set the big dogs apart from the rest of the pack.

If you’ve been looking for ways to rapidly expand your business, look no further than Build My Store Advance Strategies.

Now you have the opportunity to get your hands on the strategies which can explode your eComm business starting today.

And it goes without saying your investment today is backed by our 15-day,
no-hassle 100% money back guarantee.

However, you’ve GOT TO take action NOW, because . . .

These Advanced Training  Modules Are ‘Gone For Good’ Soon . . .

Look, we’re already taking heat for offering up these advanced training modules.

There are a few folks with expensive Mastermind groups who don’t want this information flooding the market. They’re afraid they’ll lose their stranglehold on their niches if it does!

So we’ve agreed to offer the Advanced Strategies only for the duration of this launch.

When the launch closes, this training WILL be pulled.

If we ever offer it again, it will be SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive.

It’s the only way we can make sure only a select few will be able to benefit from this training. We hate to price our products out of reach of our loyal customers . . . Which is why we’re giving you this opportunity right now to get this training at the LOWEST price we’ll ever be offering it at.

Don’t delay.

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